Adding clients to the board



We’re looking to add one of our clients to their Project Board on Asana for a trial run. Before we did that we invited a test account so that we could see what they were looking at and they can see everything!

I looked through the Guest support docs but I don’t see the option to change someone from a member to a guest, am i missing something?


Hi Sarah,

To switch between guest and member is possible.
You find the explanation here.

–> this feature is however still in beta, so you might not be able to access it

Let me know if you have further questions.



Thanks Sebastian! I still don’t see the option to change a user to guest. I’ve signed in as the user who set up our Asana account and he can see that they are added as guests but they all still see everything… any suggestions?


Hi Sarah,

Now I saw why, you have a company organization, not a private workspace:

I think it is more an issue of permissions for the team.
If you invited the test account to the team, he will see all public projects in the team, so you should just invite him to the project he should see, or make all internal projects hidden.

If this is not the issue, I suggest you write to the support, since they might check directly with your Asana account.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: