Adding better View/Sort options to the "Files"-section of a project

The “Files”-section of an Asana project is supposed to give an overview of all uploaded files of this project. However, during projects where a lot of files are being shared this overview becomes extremely messy.


  • The order of files cannot be changed
  • The view how files are displayed (e.g. simple list vs. preview/images) cannot be changed
  • The full title is often not visible
  • The upload-date is not visible

There should be an option to display files in a simple list format, where you can group them by file format (e.g. .docx / .pptx / .xlsx, etc.) and sort them by
a) Date
b) Name
c) Size

YES! And a “Download All” button would be amazing - downloading 50 files from a project is seriously painful.

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Excellent idea!