Adding a task to another task as a subtask

How do I add a task to another task as a subtask?
Example: I have a meeting invite, and I add The invite becomes a task, and I see it as a task in My Tasks. The meeting invite is really one of the subtasks for another task, and I would like to add it as a subtask of one of my tasks. However, I have found no way to make this a subtask of another task.
How can I accomplish this? First, I don’t want this part of another project, just as part of a task.
I hope this makes sense.
Thank you.

Hello @Allen_Guerra
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In list view you will be able to pull a task over into another task, steps outlined here Help with Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana

Or click on the three dots on the top right of the task

And then you can select which task you want to add this one to as a subtask :slight_smile:

Let me know in case you have any additional questions

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I’m not sure if the previous answer steps/screenshot is from an older version or something? But if you click the three dots at the top right, you’ll have to select “advanced options” at the bottom of the list, then click “make subtask of.” Then you’ll start typing the name of the task/subtask to search for the one you want to add it to. (Sorry I don’t have a screenshot of that, but hopefully this helps.) :woman_shrugging:


You are right I had an old screenshot :slight_smile:
Updated it now

Thank you very much. It worked just as you described.

Thank you for your help. That worked for me.

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