Adding a task to a private board

I am wanting to add tasks to a board that a team member has set as private is there anyway to do this? We like to link the tasks to our personal board as well as the person’s board that we are assigning a task to. any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Chris_Anaya, thanks for reaching out! At this time, it’s not possible for you to add a task to a private project which you are not a member of.

For privacy reasons, you do need to be a member of the project.

I hope this clarifies this for you :slight_smile:

Thank you. what if someone has a public personal board and then makes a rule that takes a new task assigned from the public board and automatically drops it in their private board if they own both boards can that be a work around?

You could with a workaround;

  • create a dropdown “Add to private board of” with options like “Andrew”, “Beth”, “Alice”
  • have each person setup a rule to multi-home the task inside their own board

If anyone chooses the value “Add to Alice private board”, it will :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks that is what I was hoping

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