Adding a large list of subtasks to a new task

Our team would love the capability of adding a large list of subtasks to a new task all at once, especially for new tasks created from a form submission. Asana’s new form builder is awesome, but it seems like it’s missing a very important feature when there is no smooth or automatic way to connect subtasks to each new form submission.

I discovered a way to select multiple subtasks from a template task (using Ctrl+C) and then pasting those into the new task (using Ctrl+V), but this method seems very manual and doesn’t copy over the section headers which is needed.

Is this on Asana’s radar? Or has anyone found any workarounds since this isn’t currently a feature?

Welcome :wave:

First solution: Sendana Add might be able to help. @James_Carl can you jump in? I forgot if you deal with subtasks.

Second solution: I was about to explain how to manually move a subtask to a task but that requires a manual work, one task at a time… :sweat_smile:

Third solution: store the subtasks into a template task, duplicate this task when a new submission comes in, copy the form submission task description into the new task, delete the form submission/replace with new task. Voilà!