Adding a 'commented on by' filter to the dashboards in Reporting

It would be great to have ‘commented on by’ as a filter when creating dashboard in reporting. I believe it is useful to have, as for example, when assessing teammates workload, it might be the case that a specific teammate didn’t get the task assigned, however, he/she worked on it partially and give an update without getting the task assigned. With the current setup, it is only possible to apply filters, such as task status or completion status.

Hi @Hatem_Elsayed a good request. Meanwhile, have you thought of introducing a custom field with incremental status update percentages?
The custom field can include incrementals of 10% or 5% or 20%s as you see fit. And you ask your team members to update the custom field everytime they enter a comment explaining their progress… This way, you can still generate a report with their workload and the progress using this custom field.


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