"+ Add Work" isn't allowing to add on desktop or mobile

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Not able to add a new project inside a portfolio from the +Add Work (says can add project or portfolio) - only functioning as a project search bar?

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

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Did you click on the arrow besides the „add work“? Then options will show:

Because when you only click on the „add work“ button the search field for existing one shows.

For more info see here: How to Get Started With Asana Portfolios | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

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Thank you Andrea.

Do you know how to do it from the app? When you are in a portfolio and click the add work pink icon in bottom right of screen it say that you are adding work, but when you type it just says no results?

*it says

Tested it and on the mobile, you have to create a project first because right now it only let’s me add pre-created projects