Add Trigger & Action Rules for Milestones

I keep looking but don’t think there is a way to set a rule to set a task as a milestone when it’s in a project, or a custom field is changed. For reporting, this would be incredible to help track deliverables in real-time vs. when a team member manually adjusts these to a milestone.

Hi @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic, thanks for providing this feedback!

At this time, it’s not possible to to set a task as a Milestone using Rules. Hopefully this is something our Product can implement in the future. I’ll you posted :slight_smile:

@Bastien_Siebman My original thread closed, so responding here.

I did but that’s not what we need. We have a team, with each project connected to a Google site taking in requests. These feed into the projects with the form for the producing teams to triage, while also going to the main request project for the requesters to see statuses and what have you. When I run reports on teams requests, I use Milestones to pull out the parent task and can drill in with the subtasks if someone needs to see that specific request. Having the sections, with tasks and a milestone at the end would break some of this apart for high-level viewing and make it very confusing as the range of asana knowledge at my company ranges from 0-expert.

Open to another way to automate the pulling of the parent task into a report other than a milestone, however.

Hi @KimberlyAnn_DiCredic yes, frustrating when people close requests prior to solved.

Could you link to the original request?

I think @Rebecca_McGrath linked it. Thank you both!

I do not see any link in this thread. But if you are all good, then no worries.

This is incredibly important to have. We have the ability to create an approval from a rule but not a milestone? Would love an update on this to see if there is a plan to add this as a feature, it is needed.


It would be great to have the ability to create rules based on milestones.

We have a project at-glance where we add milestones in order to look all our projects. I woud love it If when I add milestone to another projects, it adds it to the project at glance.

I know we have portfolios, but the views are limited there to only milestones and not tasks


I would like this feature as well!

Use case: when a milestone is completed - asana sends it to a Teams Channel so that people can follow along with the major steps of a project

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We’re using milestones across projects. As a leader across multiple teams, I wanted to add a rule within a project to be added as a watcher when a Milestone was added. However, it is only possible to be notified when a new task is added, which would inundate me with inbox notifications for this 4 person team.

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Hi! I’m Alison, a Technical Program Manager. The team I’m working with and I would like to request milestone-specific rules in Asana. Currently, rules apply to tasks AND milestones. Specifically, we really need a rule that closes milestones when all dependent tasks are completed. The only thing possible in Asana now is use a Task rule, but it applies to tasks too, which we don’t want. Thanks in advance for considering this request!!

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That’s a great idea, very logical and useful.

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Thank you, Stephanie! I appreciate the support on this. :grinning:

@Alison_Keller and @Stephanie_Oberg,

See also the following for a related request I made earlier today:




Cool! That would be very useful.My team has given me feedback that they’d really love to see more powerful rules functionality.

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I agree totally, Larry. We shouldn’t have to ask for Search or other tools (Sort, Filter, View) field by field, view by view, again and again. The feature should be implemented everywhere it makes sense.

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Hi all,
This seems like a related ask. I’d love to be able to create rules specific to milestones. As in: I would love to make it so that if I mark a task as a milestone, it would automatically move to a section labeled milestones within that project. If this is already a thing, would love some advice on how to achieve this.

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Hi @Amber_Hosek,

This is not possible in native Asana; its rules do not recognize Milestones.

What you want is possible in Flowsana; here’s an example of creating such a rule:

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Thanks Phil,
I appreciate the help!