Add to Dashboard - removed from 3 dots in sidebar and top menu!


Add to Dashboard - removed from 3 dots in sidebar
has this extremely useful function been removed?


Add to Dashboard button no longer exists?

Anyone know???


I am really annoyed about this. Why would they remove that feature. They seem to like to make changes at Asana for things that aren’t broken.


i agree - this along with not being able to search archived posts, may push me off this platform. Certainly stop paying for it!


Seeing these types of issues come up it feels like the actual developers don’t use Asana. Wouldn’t it make sense to talk and work with the people using it. I don’t mean after the fact in a forum after people are frustrated already.


Hey everyone,

I’m used to pressing the ‘add to dashboard’ or ‘remove from dashboard’ button on the ‘progress’ tab of my different tasks. This button has suddenly vanished.