"add to another project" possible bug

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: “add to another project” will duplicate what is typed in description on both the original task and duplicated task.

Steps to reproduce: Select several tasks, click the 3 dots , click “add to another project”. Now under this, one can see that these tasks are under different projects but when you type on description on “Acme” project it will also add it to the “test” project (see screenshot).

Browser version: Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Bernardeta_Designs_P and welcome to the forum!

Actually this is not a bug: the “Add to another project” function does not duplicate the task, but rather adds the same task to multiple projects. This is known in Asana lingo as “multi-homing” a task (i.e. it has multiple homes). Because it’s the exact same task, any changes you make to it in one project will be reflected in the other.

If you’re wanting to actually duplicate a task, you can do that by selecting the task, clicking the same 3 dots menu, and selecting “Duplicate task”. Note that you can only do this for one task at a time, though - if you select multiple tasks, the “Duplicate task” option is not available on that menu.


Thank you Phil. That really doesn’t make sense though. Why would a person want to add to another project the same section with the same content? For example I created sections that I would like to use as templates for other projects where I have questions that need answers…so each project is going to have different answers. Duplicating a task would be too time consuming.

FYI here is the documentation on multi-homing:

There are actually a lot of good use cases for multi-homing tasks; you can search the forum here for “multi-hom” and find discussions about this topic. Here are a few:


Multi-homing for the win :slight_smile: once you really wrap your head around it, you’re gonna love it!