Add time to a Due date with rules

Hi there, Is there any way to add rules around adding a specific time to a due date when a task is submitted to a project board from certain people?

We worked with global teams and setting time with due dates (by using the Add time function) has been quite manual.

For example, if I’m in North America (EST time) but a teammate from the UK submits a task, we would want the due date to have a set time (that is due sooner) as they’re +5 hours ahead.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Ace_R :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure if those are perfect solutions, but maybe ideas to consider.

1) With multiple task templates

You could create multiple task templates, with multiple variations of time

2) With rules

Unfortunately, there is no rule to update a task due date with a specific time.

However, the time is allowed with rules when “creating a task” or “creating subtasks”.

In terms of trigger, you could consider using a custom field to register the person creating the task (and eventually creating a form as an alternative to task creation).

Then, you could imagine playing with those rules to reach your objective.

I hope that was useful, don’t hesitate if you have questions

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Thanks for your response Arthur!
Apologies I missed mentioning that our tasks are generated/come from the Forms request so the first option won’t work. We use the forms since someone requesting them may not have Asana access. The 2nd option is an interesting workaround though. Thanks again!

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Happy to help :wink:

If you manage to find a viable solution, feel free to share a screenshot of the rule.

Good luck

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