Add team name to projects selector dropdown


Our case: we use similar team structure for several products. In team we have projects with names:

  • Tasks & Ideas
  • Design & Development
  • Development Roadmap

So common case is to move task from “Tasks & Ideas” to “Design & Development” – to do that we use edit icon above the task name. Problem is that dropdown with project names doesn’t include team name, so if we have 3 teams with the same structure it just include “Design & Development” 3 times:

Experimentally I found that top project is always from the current team, but would be awesome to distinguish team in this dropdown!


Yes this is very annoying. I usually repeat the team name in the project like “[team] project”. I upvote your request!


Hi @Alexandr_Subbotin! Marie here from Asana! You’re making a really good point and looking at you screencast I can appreciate how useful it would be if the Team could be visible when selecting in which project you’re multihoming/moving a task!

This is the perfect place for making your request visible to our development Team, let’s hope they look into introducing it in the future! :slight_smile: Thank you so much for taking some of your time to share your experience and feature request, we really appreciate it!


looks like it is done :slight_smile:


Yes, and that looks great! :heart:


Closing this thread since this issue is now resolved!