Add (+) Team Issue: How To Enable


My organization has 2 Asana logins. I have Admin rights for both. One I have the + Add Team capability, the other I don’t. An ideas how to add the + Add Team option to the other account?


Hey @Gerry_Brucken!

My guess is that the space where you’re unable to add a team is actually a Workspace & not an Organization. Teams are only possible within Organizations, not Workspaces.

If you wish to convert your Workspace into an Organization, you’ll need a unique email domain.

Additional information is available at the following link:

Hope this helps!


Michael, thanks. The sites are setup the same, 2 separate divisions, others can Add Teams. I’m guessing there is a setting I’m missing.


I verified, both are setup as Organizations


Hi again!

:thinking: Interesting :thinking:
If this is the case, then my next guess is that you’re a guest in the Organization that you’re unable to make a Team in. Guests have limited functionality within the spaces the spaces they’ve been invited to.

Can you verify that this is the case @Gerry_Brucken ?


Michael, I really appreciate the advice. Dumb question … how can I see whether I’m only a guest in the other organization?


If you have a different email from the email_domain of the organization then you are a guest there :slight_smile:


Hi again; this isn’t a dumb question at all!

@Diakoptis is right on the money here too. Since organization membership is defined by your ownership of an email account registered at the domain that is tied to the Org. For example, would require an email email address for full membership, anyone who does not have this email will not have access as a full member, and instead will be a guest.

Additional information in the “people in your Org” section of our Guide, which is available below:

Hope this helps!