Add tasks to project by email doesn't work with auto forward rule



I’m trying to set up a rule on my email if I get request from my business that certain emails will forward to Asana via the create tasks by email functionality.
Seems like if I forward a email manually the tasks get created but when I use an auto forward rule then the tasks don’t get created.

Is this a bug or a protective measure so an auto forward doesn’t flood the Asana API?

Is there any workarounds for this or a different solution?

Any help would be much appreciated :smiley:


Who is the sender of the email when you auto-forward? It has to be the email address specified in your Asana account configuration.

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

It’s from the correctly set up email address. If I do a standard forward it works. But it seems if the forward is of type ‘AutoForwarded’ then the tasks don’t get created. That’s the only difference I can see at the moment.




Do you get an email from Asana with an error or just nothing happens?


Unfortunately nothing happens :confused:


@Marie any advice?


Hello @Mihow! Can you DM me a screenshot of what you see in the FROM and TO field of your forwarded email? Also, can you let me know in your DM what Workspace/Organization + project you’re forwarding your email to?

Looking forward to your reply! @Bastien_Siebman will keep you posted, thanks for the mention!


DM sent!