Add Task under Section when in List view

My team just started using List View for our projects, and so I am somewhat new to this so please any feedback as to whether I am just missing something would be great! What I am seeing is that to add a new task, I have to click the blue Add Task button at the top of the list to add the task. Then I have to drag it into position in the list, because we have it organized such that it is an ordered list. Since we tend to have a lot of tasks, it is difficult to drag the task down to where it needs to go in the list. Sometimes where the task needs to go isn’t even shown on the screen because you have to scroll down in the browser to get to it. We do have things organized by sections, however. What would be useful, unless there is a better way to solve this, would be to have the ability to add a task at the beginning of a section and possibly in addition below the last task in each section. That would minimize the need to drag a task over large portions of screen area.

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Two solutions:

  1. scroll to the desired position, click in any task, tap the Enter key on the keyboard, that will create a new task below. If your cursor is at the beginning of the task name, the new task will be created above.
  2. create a task wherever in the project, and then in the right pane, next to the project name, you have a section picker to move the task to the right section.

Hope that helps!

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