“Add task at bottom of section” adds task at top of section

Asana app for iPhone
Tap 3 dots to right of a section and select “add task to bottom of section” and it repeatedly adds task to the top of the section instead.

Using Asana Business (I think… maybe premium?

Hi @Cardie_Templeton, thanks for flagging this, and sorry for the trouble. I’ve been able to replicate this on my end, so I’ve reported the bug to our Developers. As soon as I have any updates I’ll get back to you!

Hi @Cardie_Templeton, our team has since fixed and released an updated version of our app. Can you kindly update on your end? If the issue continues after updating the app, let me know!

Thanks so much for the fix! I tested it and it’s working just as it should on my end.

Happy December to you!

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