Add tags to multiple items in a list

It would be really helpful if we could add tags to multiple items in a list all at once, rather than going through each one manually adding tags.

Oh I see, you can’t add data to more than 50 tasks at once.

That seems very very dumb… was this code written on a typewriter?

We’re about to build a second large hadron collider and Elon Musk put a Tesla in space for fun like 5 years ago, we can’t bulk edit more than 50 items at once?

No need to be unpleasant, especially when you are asking for help :slight_smile: :heart_hands:

Apologies that was not my intention :heart_hands:

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Hello @CreativeNorthMedia

This does not work for you?

Option to change tags does not appear in the bulk-change menu

Welcome, @Rod_Roald_Alenton,

It won’t be in the menu.

In List view, use the Hide menu to show the Tags column.

When you multi-select task rows and then hover any of the Tags cells, they will all show highlight outlines indicating that a change to any one will change them all.

Hope that helps,