Add "Remove Due Date" button in Calendar pop up

I rely heavily on assigning due dates to Subtasks, but when a project is postponed indefinitely, removing due dates for Subtasks is a pain because you have to click in to each subtask.

This is unfortunate because the assigning of due dates for subtasks is very easy (even in bulk), and the removal of a due date at the task level is very easy (clicking the x icon).

I propose including the linked text “Remove due date” in the due date calendar pop up, under the dates and after the “Set to repeat” link (see attached mockup).

I agree. This could be helpful

Welcome to the Forum @Will_Stone and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Just in case you haven’t notice, you can also remove the due date of the subtask by clicking the x icon (you can also remove the due dates in Bulk). Please see screenshot attached.

I hope this helps Will! :slight_smile:

P.S. Please note I’ve slightly edited the title of thread so it better reflects the request. I hope it’s OK.

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Thanks Natalia, I did not know there was an x icon for subtask due dates in the table view!

I’ll have to change my behavior a bit, as I usually use calendar view and drill into parent and subtasks from there, but otherwise that feature meets my needs.

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