Add person to project but remove portfolio access

I have a portfolio that houses the projects for my team. I have been asked to add someone outside my team to a project but when I do, I receive a notification telling me that they will be able to go into every project in the portfolio.

It’s greyed out so I’m not sure how to remove that option, as I do not want them to have that kind of access.

Does it say anything when you hover over the greyed out message? @lpb @Julien_RENAUD ever seen this before?

Welcome, @Britt_Williams, and thanks, @Bastien_Siebman,

Britt’s greyed-out checkbox label refers to the Team, not the Portfolio, in which the Project is found. And it’s not referring to “every project” but only projects that are public to the Team (not private projects within the Team).

I tested and confirmed my suspicion about what’s going on:

If you invite someone who’s already a member of the Team (I bet Anna is already a member of the Team in which the Project lives), then the checkbox doesn’t apply so it’s greyed-out.

If you invite someone not current a member of the Team, it will be enabled and you can decide to check it or not to invite the person to the Team.

Hope that helps,



Good catch Larry.


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