Add other dropdown option(s) for "My tasks"

On the homepage for “My tasks” it would be great to have another dropdown option as well as

  • New tasks
  • Today
  • Upcoming
  • Later

It would be brilliant if there was a separate section for:

  • Dependent on

That way, when work is assigned to you that you can’t actually start on it won’t appear in your main task list. As soon as the task it is dependent on is complete it should automatically move to “New tasks”.

This would allow you to be aware of upcoming tasks, but clearly filtered into a stream that is separate from work you can actually do.

I believe I understand the idea, but I wonder how you would suggest handling certain details.

If the Task is newly assigned to you and is dependent on other Tasks, it goes to the Dependent On section? Couldn’t that possibly blind the user to a Task that is newly assigned to them and they may need to start looking at, working on, or modify?

What if a Task is dependent on other Tasks, but is something they want or need to work on Today. Could they move it from Dependent On to Today?

I think it would make sense for the user to have the option of moving it into whichever section they prefer.

When the task you are depdendant on is complete I think do you get an Inbox notification?