Add new task to list when sorted by due date

Adding a new task to a list when the list is sorted by due date is not convenient. Currently, the new task appears at the very bottom of the list. For projects with hundreds of tasks, it is not feasible to quickly add new tasks.

Suggestion is to default the due date to the date of the task above the new task when pressing “Enter” to create a new task, or when a list is sorted, then add a default due date next to the Add Task button, which will automatically put new tasks in the correct location.

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My team has a few projects where we run into the same thing, so our workaround was to add a section for the main portion of the list, and then another section at the top of the project as our “holding” spot. When setting the project to sort by due date, we just select “Sort within sections.” New task gets created in the “holding” section, and once everything is filled out, we move it into the main section where it gets put in line with the others based on the due date set.


Mary –

Oh, this is brilliant. I just now did it. Problem solved! Thank you so much.


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