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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: In mobile app, I do not see a button or anything else to indicate a way to edit an existing comment, nor a way to add a new comment.

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Browser version: Chrome

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Hi @Garold_Maxfield,

On iOS, you simply need to click on the comment itself and you will see an option to pin, copy or edit your comment. I believe the behaviour is identical on Android :slight_smile:

I appreciate your attempt to help me. Clicking on a comment in Android doesn’t do anything.


You can tap and hold the comment, the option will appear and select ‘edit comment’

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Thank you, that works. Separately, I inadvertently indicated a task was completed, is there any way to undo that.


In the sidebar, under report section, find ‘Recently Completed Task’

Next, find the accidentally completed task and unmark complete task

Please note that this is not available in free plan

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