Add members to a Project directly from the Workload view

We use Workload to see our entire company’s schedule.

It would be nice to be able to assign a task to someone who is not currently on a project without having to go to that project, or duplicate it from something else.

For example:

  • Project 1 is in the Portfolio.

  • We have someone who is free to work on it, but they aren’t currently assigned to Project 1.

  • Option 1: Create the task on a different project line, and then change it to the proper project.

  • Option 2: Open up Project 1, create the task, come back to workload.

  • Can there be a function that allows you to click the main capacity area, and add a blank task directly to that person and assign the project?
    This could be faster for blocking out schedules.

Hi @Brian_Altman and thanks for sharing this feedback with us!

If I get you right, you’d like to add someone to a project from the workload view, correct? It’s already possible to add projects directly from the workload view, so if you’re looking to add a staff member to a project from workload, I’ll go ahead and edit the title of this thread :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your reply!

Yes! Thank you!

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