Add member to organization

I want to add a new team member to our organization but I only seem to be able to add him to the teams. How do I do this?


You can also invite people to an organization with a shareable link through the Omnibutton

From the Omnibutton click on the drop down menu and select Invite . A pop up window will give you the option to invite people to the organization with a link.

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Hi there,

many thanks for your prompt reply! In that way the link only seems to be per team and Iā€™d like to add someone to the whole organization. Is there a way I could arrange this?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi @Marissa_van_Beurden, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

If you have a Premium Organization and you are an Admin, you can also invite new users via the Admin Console. You can find the steps in this article: Admin Console ā€¢ Asana. This will invite them to the entire Organization and they will be able to access all public teams. Please note you will need to invite them to each private team or project.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: