Add logo/branding to progress updates

I’d like to send a weekly progress update to interior design clients using the new Progress Updates. But, as is, the report is very basic looking. Ideally I’d like the print out to include a logo or branding info. Anyone know how to make this print out nicer looking? Thanks!

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This is a great question, it’s currently not possible to add a logo or attachments to the Progress Update. Our Team recently launched a new version of the project Progress tab and this is a very good suggestion. I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the Product Feedback Category to allow other users to upvote.

I’ll make sure to keep this thread updated if I have any news about this feature!

@Susan_Sutter, Until/if that becomes available, a lot of folks have branded their output for Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator). Here’s one of Asana2Go’s standard output that rolls up multiple progress updates, but you could limit to just one for a single client:



Great! Thanks for sharing @lpb :raised_hands:


To add to Larry’s answer, you can also build external dashboards that would allow more customization (including a custom dashboard that I could create myself).

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Thanks for these ideas, but I don’t know how to create external dashboards. Any video to watch or help on that?

You can search for my post called »ultimate guide for doing things » in the forum for existing dashboard solution or reach out to me by private message for a custom made dashboard!