Add filter button (show Incomplete/Complete/All tasks) to My Tasks > Calendar > Month view (as per Week view)

A couple of days ago the completed tasks in my calendar are disappeared.
I can view them from the list of task but not in the calendar view.
How can I fix it and see the task completed in gray again?

Many thanks!

Hi @Cristina_Barbieri , welcome to the forum :smiley:
The reason usually why a task does not appear in your Calendar (whether it is completed or not) is because it has no due date. Do these completed tasks in your List view still have a due date? If not, perhaps someone cleared the date when they completed the task or perhaps there is a rule that clears the due date once a task is completed?


This happened to me as well. Before I was able to see all tasks in the calendar, completed or not. For some reason when I logged out and back in now they are all gone. They all had due dates. It seems as though they’re just hidden and I can’t find a setting to unhide them.

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Hi! thank you!
Yes, the tasks done have the date. I can see them but disappear when I complete them.
Before I saw them in grey now nothing.

In the task list I marked “show all task” but nothing change in the calendar view.

Also, I noticed that I can see the completed task of my colleagues in the personal calendar and in the calendar of team (included my task), the same not happened in my personal calendar.


Many thanks.

Same has happened for me! Its why I use Asana to track back progress and now its gone its a bit redundant

Hi @Cristina_Barbieri , @Alexis_McCarthy , @Natalie_Hewing ,

This is indeed strange behaviour! I have checked on the Calendar view in various projects in 5 orgs/workspace accounts that I am part of and all Calendars view of projects and My Tasks (in Month view) show completed tasks greyed out just fine, as per expected behaviour.

So I am moving this thread to the bugs section so that the Asana team can have a look.

However, it would be useful if you could each post a snip of this part of your Calendar view (as per my example below, without showing any sensitive data) to see in case you have any (new?) filtering options available that I may not be seeing on my orgs/workspaces.

I’m just wondering if this bug is in any way a result of the newly released sorting/filtering features, which refer to just List and Board views so it’s strange if it would have an impact on Calendar view, which has never had any filter options (eg. show all/complete/incomplete tasks) from what I can recall; I generally haven’t been a heavy user of this type of view… :sweat_smile:

@Marie , any ideas what may be happening? It doesn’t sound like it’s part of an A/B test… is this something you could escalate?

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Hi @Richard_Sather!

This below is the screen of my personal calendar. I have many tasks completed during the first week of Feb. but are not visible.

Here below the view of team calendar that include my completed task in grey, not visible in the personal calendar.


Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:


Do the completed tasks show in My Tasks > Calendar > Week view, which has an explicit setting (unlike Month view) to choose All tasks? That might help Asana Support to debug. It looks like this:

If you haven’t already please follow all the troubleshooting steps here:

If you still have an issue, you’re best to email and mention this thread.



Hi @lpb

I don’t see this filter in my calendar page month view.

But I set the weekly view and this filter appeared! I set “All tasks” and I came back to month view and now all tasks are visible!

Problem risolved. I suggest to Asana team to include this filter in the month view also.

Many thanks for the help!

Great, @Cristina_Barbieri!

I’m not sure if Asana would consider this a bug or feature request, but it’s certainly not a good UI decision to have a setting on Week view affect, but not be visibly indicated, on Month view!


Good call @lpb , I was about to suggest the same :wink:
It’s indeed a strange UI decision to miss this filter in the My Tasks’ Calendar view!

Shall we move this to the Product feedback category and rephrase the topic title to vote on this filter getting added?

@Cristina_Barbieri , thanks for the screenshots, always helpful to resolve!

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Good call, @Richard_Sather!! Thanks!


Done! (title is a bit of a mouthful but gets the point across)
Start voting…!

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Wow, thank you all for figuring this out! :clap:

To be completely transparent I don’t use the Calendar view in work, so I never came across this issue. I’ve gone ahead and filed a task for our team to consider improving this behaviour and I’ll circle back on this task as soon as I have an update :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. Until a few days ago there was the option to see all tasks (including complete ones) in the month view. It seems to have just disappeared. And likewise I use Asana just for this to track whats completed in the month view. This functionality has just disappeared.

Thanks everyone for addressing this,

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I do not know where some of the tasks are going after marked done. I see completed tasks in the done column of the board view, but new tasks that are marked done and added to that column are just disappearing. I have tried all the filter settings and cannot get these done tasks that were marked in the last week and a half to show. The only way I am able to even find these tasks any more is to manually search them by using keywords I remember from the task name. This is really frustrating, as it was the core reason I am even using asana.

Hi @Grant_Nelson , have you tried clearing all filters using the ‘Clear all’ button from the Filter menu? This should logically show all tasks.

If not, check for any rules; perhaps there is a rule that moves these tasks to another project once completed…? When you use search to find these completed tasks, in their task details, check to see which project they appear in (just below the due date in task details)

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