Add Estimated Time to Complete Column to Home Page "My Priorities"

I would absolutely love to be able to see all my priority tasks with upcoming due dates, but ALSO displaying the estimated time to complete that I have assigned. This way I can better visualize which tasks are quick and should take a short time, or generally see if I have way overbooked myself for tasks in a given day.

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I’ve been doing something similar by using the My Task view but separating the sections into days of the week (for planning purposes). I like the idea of adding it to My Priorities as well.

I’d also love to be able to see the Estimated & Actual time columns when I’m managing other team members’ My Task lists.

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I guess the only issue here is the rules- you can only create triggers for “due date is approaching by X number of days” so bucketizing by day of the week won’t end up being accurate, unless I’m missing something. Any chance you can share what your rules look like?