Add custom fields to tasks that aren't in a project



I’d like all employees in my org to be sort their task by a custom field: urgency. Right now it seems custom fields are only available on tasks that are associated with a project. Is that true?

The hack is to assign a dummy project (call it “me” or something) to all one’s personal non-project related tasks, but this is annoying and complicated - a barrier to adoption in my company. Is there a way to assign custom fields to non-project tasks? If not, could you add this functionality?

I think there’s a similar request here, thought the intent was slightly different. Mods - feel free to merge if appropriate.


Yes, that’s the only hack. I also agree a feature should be build such that you can add a custom field to a task.


+1 this. I would like to have custom fields available for the “my tasks” view, to be able to sort by priority.


+1 from me too. The context of Urgency v Importance is central to my workflow.
Thanks @Tyro


+1 here as well. It’s a real frustration that I can’t put my priority/custom field stuff on the My Tasks page. I tend to run my day from the my tasks view.