Add custom fields retrospectively


I can’t see a way to add a custom field to lots of existing tasks. This would be easy if when doing a search you could turn on a new custom field column and just type the field in any tasks that it would apply to. As it is, the only way to add approx 100 custom fields is to go into each task individually and add the CF.
Am I missing a workaround for this?


A custom field is added on the project level, not the task level. And if you multi select tasks inside a project, you can edit custom fields all at once on the right. Would that work for you?

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Thanks for the reply. In this case, I have one task per project where the field would need to be added, this is so that it shows up in a search report. I have lots of projects!


I am not sure I understand. Can you give an example with fake tasks and fields of what you would like?

What is very important is that custom fields are linked to a project. If you want a task to have fields, it needs to be inside that project. If you multi-home the task, it will have all fields of all projects (I think :thinking:)


@Rob_Nabney, custom fields are assigned on a per Project basis.
You could search Tasks, select multiple Tasks, and assign a custom field.
However, first you have to make sure all the Projects have the custom field assigned.

If you are looking to assign a field on a per Task basis, consider using tags.
You could do a search, select all the Tasks you want to edit, and add a tag to all of them at once.
Then you don’t have to worry about what custom fields are assigned to which Projects.

@Bastien_Siebman, yes, a multi-homed Task will have the custom fields of all the Projects it belongs too.