Add consultant but not send them a link

Hi, we want to include consultant hours in our projects but they don’t need to have access to our Asana Project (as they only need to see their own section of work not the whole project). How do I add them in Asana?

Hello @Kristy_Ashton!

It seems as though the best setup would be to create a dedicated project for the consultant and only multi-home those items that are within their own section of work. The alternative would be to assign the tasks within their section of work to them… or add them as a collaborator at the very least.

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Hi @Kristy_Ashton!

Adding to what @Jerod_Hillard mentioned, if you create a custom field in your private project to set hours, make sure to keep this field only associated with the private project (this means the field cannot be added to the Organization library). By doing so, the field won’t be visible by the consultant when you multihome the task!

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Re reading your message I am unclear whether or not you want the consultant to input their hours, or you want to do it yourself? :face_with_monocle:

We would like to enter their hours.

So why do you talk about giving them access in your question? :thinking: