Add 'completed' group to 'My tasks'

I have grown really fond of the ‘My tasks’ grouped structure with ‘Today’, ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Later’ and how easy it is to associate a task to one of these groups with a simple keystroke.

The only thing I’m missing (I think), is a way to move some items to a pseudo-group called ‘completed’ where I move all tasks which are already completed but not yet ready for review as they may be dependent on other tasks to be deployed first. So to avoid noise and not notifying reviewers I often tend to leave those assigned to myself until ready.

I guess I just needed a way to grouping those tasks under ‘My tasks’ so I know I will need to get back to them. Right now I am simply moving them to the ‘Later’ group, but I am not sure if this is the best approach as inside ‘Later’ I also have tasks which haven’t been started on yet.

any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi @Marcus6, thanks for reaching out!

We have recently implemented the spreadsheet view in My Tasks: We're extending our spreadsheet view to My Tasks! and you have the option to create a Completed section and move your tasks to this section. We have plans to implement more options to My tasks, I’ll keep this thread updated once we have more details!

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