Add Colors to Text Formatting Options

Hey Asana, we run the dark background and the Bold text doesn’t stand out much. Would be awesome to have the option for Highlighted text. Think word processing essentials :slight_smile:

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Hoping for some update on this. It would really help with creating guides and templates.


PLEASE ADD COLOUR ICON TO USE WITHIN TASKS FOR CHANGING TEXT COLOUR AND USING AS A HIGHLIGHTER - Still waiting for this Asana gods - please for the love of usability, give us colour!

You have heading styles, and you have tables, whyyyyyy can’t you just add the little colour selection icon to the typy bit in tasks? Even word has this function and they haven’t improved their usability since 1989. Throw a dyslexic a bone here people. We quite literally NEED visual hierarchy.

I found this thread thinking I’d scroll to the bottom and see how to add colour to text, or at least learn how to add highlight colour to text… I now see it’s been over TWO YEARS and still nothing.
Can someone from Asana update us ?

I realize this suggestion is nearly 8 years old now, but this is still not a feature. It would be really helpful to be able to highlight text in a Task Description. This is an available feature in Microsoft Suite and in Google Suite. Would be super helpful on Asana as well.

Hye dear Asana community,

I voted for this suggestion too. It would be great and very helpful to add text formatting options (highlighting and / or colors).

Have a great day!

Still no COLORS?

Is this just not being requested/up-voted enough? It's clearly been a request dating back quite awhile- 2018?

With such a basic and standard type of option/request in today's world of software, is there perhaps a broken link somewhere in the process with implementing top-voted requests? (I have not been wired-in to the voting process, so I'm just not up to snuff at how things work around here.)


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Asana users (myself included) waiting for basic text formatting options to be added

But seriously though, having limited text formatting options is a major roadblock in our ability to communicate and understand the information in Asana tasks. Having a highlight feature, even if just a single colour, or a text colour option would make a world of difference.

Please add this!!!


Really need this!! Just a basic ability to highlight and change text color would be very helpful to help call out key elements, even if it’s just a limited set of 4 or 5 colors.


Is there a reason this has not been a product update after being asked for for over 5 years? It seems like a very simple update all things considered and there is obviously A LOT of desire for this feature. I’m having a really hard time understanding why the Asana product team hasn’t implemented this or at a minimum provided an update here that it’s on the roadmap. Honestly bewildered by this.


We need colors for the text in the comments box. Please.
This is a VERY useful feature.

Another request for this…seems so simple, why has it not been added?