Add as subtask instead of move



Currently, there exists a menu item that lets us move task and make it sub-task of a different task (either within the same project or a different project). This is a request to have an additional menu item of adding the task instead of moving it. This menu item will appear right below/above “Make subtask of …” and say “Add as subtask of …”. Once a parent task is chosen, this task shows up as its subtask in addition to being in the current project.

Specific Use Case:
Our team uses a separate project for milestones to provide a bigger picture view of the road ahead and individual projects that contain detailed steps and other information our team would like to record for each task. Each task in the milestones project is a milestone. More importantly, the sub-tasks for each of the milestones are actual tasks in other individual projects that track details of what needs to be done, time taken etc. Typical member of the team creates tasks in the individual projects and this feature would help us quickly add the task as a subtask of a particular milestone in the milestones project.


So that would be a « move as subtask » followed by a multi homing?


Yes, that was the suggestion. At this point, I’d love such a menu item regardless of the exact location.


Yes this is confusing. I suspect this is part of Asana’s default behavior of new Subtasks not belonging to any Projects.

It would be convenient to have a Move as a Subtask of option and a Add as a Subtask of option.