ADD APPS (+Apps) Integrations Button MISSING from Admin User

I am an admin user and owner of the account, I am still on Trial, but there is no +APP Integrations button.
it’s not in the lower-left menu corner and it is not in the upper-right Customization corner

Any help would be appriciated.

OK I got it…

…But it’s TERRIBLE!!!
There is not even a search function for the integrations, and embedding a mind map for example is not really embedding anything, it’s just showing you how to paste a link.
AWFULL! utterly USELESS!!!

Let’s just Compare:
1st screen is how an ASANA integration looks like
2nd screen is how the same integration looks like in Monday
The same integration actually shows up , not just a link in “Overview / Key Resources” Link

Hi @SOUL, thanks for reaching out.

From your screenshots, it looks like you have tried to add integrations via the Home page. Our Product team are still working on building out the new Home page and integrations are not currently included here.

You can easily add integrations to projects via Apps button in the Customise (directly in your project).

I hope this helps.

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