Add and manage Hours per week or hours per sprint for task estimation.

I was just wondering, if we are about to plan for a SPRINT, how can do the same in ASANA. How can we make a SPRINT which lasts for 2 -3 weeks. Make a project for it ?

ALso, how can we manage Hours per week or hours per sprint available for any given resource, before starting any sprint.

Hi, @Salman_Khwaja
I was just thinking about how you could do it, and I thought to see if there is any information in the Asana Guide and indeed, I found it! It also coincides exactly with what I thought.

  1. Create a project
  2. Add custom fields for estimates and dates
  3. Create sections

In this link, asana’s partners explain perfectly how to plan a sprint with asana.

I hope I’ve helped! Anything, please let me know.


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Thanks a bunch. @JMartinez,
You are a GEM.

Loved your help. Got the idea. Ready to implement. Thanks again.


@Salman_Khwaja @JMartinez You can can also get a burndown chart for your sprints by using the Screenful Dashboard for Asana. Here’s a blog post about doing sprints with Asana using custom field estimates.

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Awesome @Sami_Linnanvuo. I will check the integration of this tool with Asana.