Add all projects to a Portfolio

Hello. Since Asana doesn’t have a global workload feature, but only a portfolio workload (which is, imho, a very silly choiche) to overcome this limitation I would have to create a portfolio with all projects under it. I have dozen of projects, how can I add all of them in the portfolio avoinding to enther them manually one by one (which is time consuming but, also, prone to human error)?
Thank you in advance.


@Francesco_Canovi - there’s no way to do this natively in Asana.

But, you have two options for making this easier.

  1. Create an “ALL PROJECTS” portfolio and make sure every project template is set to auto-populate in that portfolio (newly available feature in Templates 2.0). Then every time you start a project, make sure to start from a template. You should also create one template to serve as your “Project Starter” template, for the times when you need to build something new and just want to make sure it starts with the right custom fields, sections, and portfolios that you want all projects to have.

  2. Alternatively, this is a very simple automation to set up inside Integromat ( or Zapier. If you know how to do it, great. If you need help, we could easily set it up in 15 mins. Let me know if you’d like some quick, free help and I’d be happy to assist.


Thank you!

I actually had no idea this was a thing and now I’m SUPER excited

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