Add admin and change guests


Hi all. New to Asana. Just upgraded to Premium.

All of my team seem to be guests. Any way to change them to team members. And I have tried to add an admin and after following the instruction I cant do it.

Any suggestions?

Thank you



@Lee_Booth What is the instruction you mention? I suggest you start by taking a look at this article about organization membership in Asana.

There are a few issues that could be happening, most notably that the guests could be in a different email domain than your Asana org. I’d refer these guests to the “join an existing organization” section. As an Admin I think you’ll find value in bookmarking this Guide article, as well

If after troubleshooting you aren’t able to find a solution in these articles, please come back and we’ll be happy to help. We’ll need you to provide a bit more detail about the domains of the guest users (are they different than your team domain?), what have you tried that hasn’t worked, etc.