Add Ability to View Task Description in Microsoft Teams Integration

Question: is the integration with Microsoft Teams still being developed?

The Teams integration was just referenced in a blog post a few days ago (Feb. 22, 2018) so, while I’m assuming it is still being developed, I ask the question because I don’t recall seeing any changes / additions / improvements to this integration since it first ‘officially’ launched about a year ago. (I could be wrong about that, though.)

Notably-absent is the ability to view the details/description for a task from within a project that’s been added to a channel in Teams. Clicking on a task just launches that task in the browser — which I would venture to guess is not a behavior anyone would immediately expect in that scenario.

I realize it’s a slippery slope for 3rd-party integrations. Specifically: if you un-ceasingly build out the integration itself, you’ll find yourself re-building the whole app (e.g., Asana) from within the 3rd-party application (e.g., Microsoft Teams). No point in doing that.

That said, I feel like viewing the details of a task represents basic/core functionality — which can already be seen in other Teams integrations from similar services such as Wrike or Trello (to name a couple of examples).

One of the ways in which I would be looking to use Asana projects within ‘channels’ in Teams would be to discuss a project agenda with colleagues — and not being able to see details for any tasks in the project puts a significant limit on the ability to finish that conversation without jumping around in different windows.

Thanks, all!

I’d like to add some commentary here as I just got around to integrating Asana and Teams as our company evaluates using Microsoft Teams instead of Slack.

I agree that being able to see some more details, such as the task description/details would be great. Or if we’re limited to the high-level view, being able to display project custom fields or sort by assignee/date/section/etc. would be great. If it’s technically possible, then clicking on a task should present the task details as an overlay window and from there show the same level of detail that you’d see in the right-pane in Asana (subtasks, comments, etc.).

As it currently stands, clicking the task bounces you out of Teams and into Asana with that particular task pulled up. While this is quick and perhaps too easy to do (lots of accidental clicks on a wide screen monitor), it kind of interrupts the flow. Adding the ability to custom sort by due date or assignee within Teams, or have Teams mimic the default sort order for the Asana project would be helpful as well. As it is currently designed, it doesn’t really provide much insight into what the team is actively working on, or what deadlines we may be in jeopardy of missing.

As @Jason mentioned, I understand the strain on development resources and it seems silly to basically recreate identical Asana functionality into a third party platform (especially one that may not have a ton of usage just yet). I also don’t know if some of the reason this isn’t developed is because of limitations put in place with the Teams API and how apps can render or work.

Would love to see the work continue on this integration, and if some of the desired functionality mentioned above is in fact there and I am just missing it, please let me know!

We too would love to see this continue to be developed. We use (and love) Asana but the integration just isn’t quite there with Teams. We are an Outlook 365 shop and there is so much available within Teams but the built in MS Planner is too clunky. The integration roadmap between Sharepoint and Teams is becoming more and more powerful and as a company we are using SP for all of our document management. I seriously doubt if we’ll use Asana for file management.

Adding my hope that the integration efforts continue - at least to bring it on par with Wrike integration with Teams.

Quick fix - PLEASE show sections as something other than tasks in the Teams tab. Even excluding tabs is better than showing sections as just another task. I know this is tied into the revamp of sections vis a vis the list/board swap update.

Or PLEASE allow MS Teams tabs to show board view (which I assume might solve the above at least for some use cases.

Tony from the Asana platform team here. Thank you all for the feedback in this thread! We do plan on enhancing our Microsoft Teams integration this year to address issues such as supporting sections and board projects. We will likely also consider adding the ability to drill down into task details via Teams. If you have other feedback or requests on what you would like to see in the Teams integration, please share your input!


“this year”. Can we narrow down to a quarter?

I just started using Microsoft Teams and noticed that sections don’t seem to display properly.

The page on the Asana website for Teams integration shows sections:

Is there now a way to do this? Or is the screenshot on this page misleading?


I would also like to know this

Hi @TonyC, is there anything new on the ability for view boards in Microsoft Teams?
I tried it in the web version of Teams and I use Asana Basic, but only lists are showing.

Do you have any news on those integrations? @Marie posted in July that Boards are supported, but I don’t see it, neither I do see tasks details. Is Asana Premium required for Boards in Teams?

Thank you!

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I second this question. Also read @Marie’s comment from July that boards should be available in the Teams integration, but I can’t find it.

So, any news, @Marie / @TonyC? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d appreciate just being able to get Asana alerts in Teams that link to tasks. Asana’s limited functionality in Teams is the only thing keeping us clinging to Slack.

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Any newson this Microsoft Team API updates ?
It’s been a while since you announced this update but still nothing comes out.

@Marie / @TonyC ?

Been a while since any Asana staff have replied here, any updates?

Come on team Asana - What is happening here? No benefit of the plug in if you cant use features in teams.