Add ability to define days of the week, or weeks, that a rule is active


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Strange that you cannot set a time span for a rule, for example that a rule must apply from Monday to Friday. (this works both in monday and Jira)

We work with development and write Release notes. All notes are created in a separate column and we make one per week.

Here, you want a new task to be created per week that collects all the tasks that are added to the Relaes notes column as a subtask to the new task Release notes 2023.xx.xx

Weeks should also be an option for setting start and end dates.
Then you set, for example, start week 40 and end week 46.
This creates greater flexibility and deadlines that are not hard have greater flexibility.

Interesting suggestion, @Ingrid_Kraappa!

I modified the title of your post to make your suggestion more visible to readers, but let me know if the new title doesn’t accurately capture what you’re suggesting.