Add Ability to Assign 'Due Date' from within Task List (without using due date button within task itself)



It would be awesome to be able to make due-date changes from within the tasks list, bringing up the calendar to alter, add, or remove due-dates from the list view. At the moment you have to click on each task and move to the task details to click on ‘Due Date’ icon which can be time consuming when it comes to quickly assigning due dates to a growing list. :slight_smile:



You can change the due date in the fashion you want it’s just a little cumbersome. When I click the due date in the list view it opens the detail pane.

If I click the due date a second time in the list view I get the date picker. Then I can edit all the other dates.

I think it is just that the initial click on the task opens the detail pane before it lets you edit dates in the list view. I’m sure that can be fixed.


EDIT: What I said works for tasks that already have due dates, but it doesn’t for those that are empty.


I think there are two features that are missing:

  • If you have no due-date assigned, you have to open the task itself and edit within the task, rather than from list itself (as this original request mentions)
  • If you have a due-date already assigned, you can update it, but you can’t remove it (which would be helpful to add ability to remove)