Add a start date on Android

On the iOS app when creating a new task you can specify both a start and an end date. However on the Android app you don’t seem to be able to create a start date / specify a date range.

This is really annoying as you can even edit the date range of a task if it already has one - surely it wouldn’t be much work to allow start date creation on a new task?!

It’s massively frustrating for our team because we have a mix of people with iOS and Android - so only those with iOS can add date ranges…

Am I missing something? Is this likely to change soon?

Hi @Tomf, welcome to the Forum and sorry for the late follow up here!

You can currently add a start date to your tasks on Android tapping “Options” in the calendar drop-down.

I recommend you checking if your Asana app and Android version is updated and if you are creating a task in your paid Organization/Workspace.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the response, I have checked this and I still can’t see the start date option. The phone I tested has version 6.51.5 (6510500). Our org is on a Business plan trial.

Thanks for getting back to me @Tomf! The latest version of our Asana app for Android is 6.52.6. Please try to update your app from this link or directly from your Play Store.

Hi Emily,

There seems to a bit of a bug with the Start Date in Android.
The Steps I followed are as followed.

One of my trials it did show the Start Date but had a Lock saying it’s a premium feature. Can’t seem to reproduce that bit but will keep trying.



Here is the message I got showing Premium

This was by adding a subtask in a totally different project.


Thanks for reporting this @Jason_Woods! I’ll investigate this further and get back to you asap.

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Hi @Jason_Woods! It seems this issue is related to the type of trial/paid plan you currently have. Could you confirm if you have a plan for the Organization or a specific team?

If the plan is linked to a specific team, you will be able to add start date to your subtasks after you add it to your project (which is associated to your paid team).

The same happen when you start creating a task, the option to add a start date will be only available after you create the task and add it to a project that is part of your paid team.

Hi @Emily_Roman I have an organisation plan not a team plan.


Thanks for getting back to me @Jason_Woods! In that case this looks like a bug. In order to escalate this to our development team, can you send me the URL of the subtask where you see you need to upgrade please? Feel free to send it to me via DM if you prefer!

Hey @Jason_Woods,

Are you running into the same issue on web? If so, any chance you could share a screencast with us? Our team is struggling to reproduce the issue. Ideally, if you could share yoru entire screen, it would be great!

Thank you

No @Marie not having any issue on the web client…

Just Android let me sort out a recording and send it through…


Thank you so much @Jason_Woods! Before recording, can you make sure your app is up to date?

Thanks again, really appreciate your help!

@Jason_Woods, thanks again for helping us with this bug. it’s been triaged by our team and I’ll keep you posted here once we have it resolved!

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