Add a specific function to schedule a 'Manager' Meetings to work on or discuss tasks.

Our company has very typical weekly and monthly management meetings comprised of different combinations of our management team. These meetings are very typically comprised of a series of topics of what is going on. In reality, these are just tasks that are part of the project. I have yet to see a project management platform that includes a tool to host a meeting, invite people to the meeting and build an agenda for the meeting. I don’t understand why. It is such a basic function of every project. I know there are probably ways to create work arounds, but why is this not a basic feature of Asana ?

Meetings should probably be a level above projects so that a meeting can be held for just one project or multiple projects can be discussed in one meeting. Without knowing more about your project structure that is hard to answer, but I can see where a user might have multiple projects coming from multiple organizations and personal sources. I think adding a layer where multiple projects can be associated with one meeting would give a lot of flexibility.

In my mind, these are the things you would need to make ‘Meetings’ work on Asana. Each one of these could be an individual feature, but getting the ability to schedule a meeting has to happen first.

  • Ability to schedule a date and time for meeting
  • Ability to invite users to the meeting
  • Ability to include a link for a video chat for the meeting
  • Ability to mark who actually attended the meeting (Required for official minutes)
  • Ability to link tasks to talk about or work on in the meeting
  • Ability to quickly create new tasks based on the outcome of the meeting
  • Ability to store ‘Meeting Minutes’ (required to meet a lot of corporate needs)
  • Ability to send a reminder about the meeting
  • Ability to mark any task as requiring ‘Follow-up’ at the next meeting
  • Ability of meeting host to quickly add projects and tasks as the meeting progresses.

The user interface for the meeting should mimic a standard meeting agenda. Agendas typically have these components:

  • Record time meeting was called to order
  • Attendance at the meeting
  • A review of old completed business (These are completed tasks)
  • A discussion of old business that is still in process (These are just open tasks)
  • A discussion of new business and possibly a vote to approve a new item or not.
  • Meeting Minutes - a transcript of what was discussed and voted on in the meeting. All this needs to be is a ‘comments’ section where someone can take notes.
  • record time meeting was adjourned.

To the developers at Asana. If you can make this section work so seamlessly that a non-techy person wants to use it to keep track of their meetings, you will be light years ahead of the hundreds of other project management platforms!

Hi @Bo_Harris, thanks for providing this feedback along with your use case!

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we plan to implement this feature in the future :slight_smile: