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Hi, is there any update on timing for this change to account for business days? It seems a relatively easy change and would massively help facilitate using this tool in the finance function I oversee, as otherwise rolling forward our standard templates is still a manual process each month (to adjusted to exact workdays).

This seems to be a major flaw. Every group that “loves” Asana ends up either hating it because of the unavialability of work day repetition options or moves on to another product. Please address this issue - I am currently one of the former (love Asana except for the pain of having to adjust deadline dates - every. single. month. for everything!) Thanks!

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HI @Alexis, Any update ont his request that has been intiated since 2017. For the Bookkeeeping and Accounting world our deadlines for monthly recurring work are Work Day driven to meet deadlines. Asana could greatly improve and save time by looking at and implementing the WD1, WD2, etc format that the original post suggest. For example working day setting options, then you can toggle back and forth as needed for the task / client / work being done. And set tasks to WD1 in month or WD2 in month. The time to move things around for a multitude of clients is making us consider moving to another platform. Please provide an update and timeline for this to be reviewed, implemented and released. Or even advise is being considered. You will gain so many more loyal followers and users in the Accounting Community by this one change. Thank-you!


Agreed. I really love Asana but have considered switching because of this very issue. Asana helps us automate recurring work but not entirely… we’re always having to update task dates. This costs us extra time each month. Hopefully this get introduced soon :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem every month. The most of my accounting tasks are work day driven.

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Agree. Our SLOs track for business days from a submission to our Asana board so manually updating these with each new task added to the board is not ideal or sustainable.

How can this take 4 years to result in absolutely no progress?


Just like the other thread (Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day) which currently has 475 votes, can we please please please have this feature added already???
I just saw a new update coming out with workflows - but this still hasn’t been addressed???

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Hello @Beren_Harris

I recommend reading through this post to understand how Asana is listening to it‘s customers: How we’re listening to your product feedback

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@Andrea_Mayer I could not have said it better myself. It seems Asana has not product roadmap and certainly does not listen to its users. So many smart insightful users in this thread all asking for something that should not be that hard to implement but 5 years and going and Asana is like crickets on this!
The solution is really so simple like Salesforce let each customer setup their working days then all the date functionality would need to do is look at the working days and calculate out when the next working day would be.
More to your point I did a review of what Asana has implemented in the past 6 months and it is barely anything that is useful at the detailed project level at all. Most of the updates are not useful at all. Setting up goals really Asana! Get your core product working first.

I completely understand that you think this might be a feature that is super fast to implement @Howard_Weinstein however I do not really agree with your statement that Asana is not listening because that is just not correct.

Asana has always been and is constantly listening to their customers and implementing features. Just have a look at all the features they launched last year and early this year.
Every month new features are being launched, including well-requested ones here in the forum.

@Andrea_Mayer I am afraid your statement is not accurate at all. I did analysis on the last 6 months of features and most of them were not user requested features and were not useful at all. If you have spent any time in these forums you will see that most of these requests for basic features are 4-6 years old and Asana has never even done anything on the vast majority of really basic requests like sorting by start date for instance. I can list dozens of basic requested that ar 4-6 years old with no Asana follow up so your blind support for Asana’s listening to their customers is not correct.

Well, I guess we are not agreeing on this point then :wink:
Yes, there are hundreds of feedback request posts, yes some features being implemented are not liked by some people but others, yes there are still a lot of things not implemented yet, yes a bunch of those things should be super quick to implement but in reality, they might not be or tied to other things which would create some issues.

They might not be useful for you but thousands of others.

Just a few examples:
Increasing the rule limit - this post had 3.4k views
Multiple forms per project - 16.6K views
Mark a project for completion - 22K views
Zooming attachments

has this been addressed yet? it’s been 5 years of people asking? has anyone found another tool that has this functionality?

We have SmartSheets and Asana and are probably going to choose Smartsheet as our long term solution because of this item.

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Hi guys any update on this? At least for the users coming Finance & Accounting this is a basic and needful feature

I have the same need. Is there functionality that will accommodate this now? For Finance, typically, you have a month-end checklist that needs to roll every single month.