Add a member with an personal email


Why isnt possible to add a member with a personal addresse email? In my organization i work sometimes with freeleancer or individuals that has an personal email address only…

Can you help?


you should be able to add a personal email address, are you getting an error?


Hi @Melissa_Faucher - You should be able to add these people as guests. You can find details on adding guests here:


Hello, But how do I add them as a member and not as guests?


Hi @Mauricio_Matias,
Membership in your organization is based on email domain. If someone does not have your company’s email domain and you’d like them to be a member, our support team will be happy to help you with the different options available to you. They’ll be able to look into your account information and provide informed solutions. You can reach out to them at :slight_smile:


@Alexis, thank you. I will make contact.