Add a Live Team Chat


It would be fantastic to have a live team chat feed. We use Apple Messages currently in conjunction to Asana. Would be a bonus to have it built in to Asana directly, including file or screenshot sharing etc.

So many websites I visit these days have a live chat popup window at bottom, Facebook has live messaging as examples. I thought it would be a brilliant addition.


Disagree. We use Slack. I’ve already created a custom Stylish user style that, among many other things, fully hides Asana’s Conversations. Team Chat would be another tool we wouldn’t use, since there’s no way Asana makes a chat as good Slack has, cuz c’mon. :slight_smile:

That Stylish user style if you’re interested:


For every reader:
You will find more details on Lee’s awesome Asana Design with explanations what has changed here: