Add a "download" button when viewing files in conversations/tasks

I find the file viewing in conversations/task to not be very user friendly and would like to recommend an added feature. Currently when I click on a file in a conversation, it opens the file (usually images) in a new window. To save it, I have to right click, save as, name it, save it, and close the window that was opened. Instead of this, I think that having the image open in the same window with a “download” button next to it would be much more efficient. Similar to how an attachment opens in Gmail.

I love the Asana interface, and am working with my team to move over to Asana from Basecamp. This download button is a feature that Basecamp has, and it truly saves so much time in our workflow because we share a lot of graphics mock ups through conversations and tasks.

This image is an example of a download button in Basecamp.

Thank you!!

35 PM|410x500

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