Add a button to hide/show attachment images across the entire project board view

Adding a “hide/show all images” button that either hides or shows the most recent image/thumbnail for the most recent file images on items across an entire project board would be greatly appreciated. The idea is that by clicking the new “Hide all images” button, it would allow a better view of all of the items we have on our Project board because they would be more condensed. Often we are attaching images of things like error messages and the thumbnail is not big enough to have any benefit from it being there. All the thumbnail is doing in our case is taking up space on the project board and forcing either lots of additional scrolling and/or forcing lots of extra clicking to always go into each new item and selecting the option “not to display an image.”


Thanks for the feedback @ThatGuy; I don’t believe this is in our near-term plans, but we’ll definitely keep it in mind for future improvements!


I would also like this feature

Thanks @Thatguy. I would love to have this feature! As a designer with multiple proofs for minor amends, everything gets quickly congested with all of the attachments. Clients/team members sometime can’t find the most recent attachment. To have an option to hide and show particular attachments/ or just show the most recent attachment would streamline our business and allow for less confusion.