Actual time

Hi All,
My use case:
We are reporting time spent on tasks to our client’s projects on a monthly or weekly basis. We have a project in which we have a main task for a PM and a subtask for devs to work on. I need a sum of time on that task for a client report.

Everything works perfectly fine when there are no filters or sorting applied to a project. But when there is sorting of filtering turned on a project - a main task shows time without time in subtask. (time from subtasks is not added to a main task time). Is there a way to turn it on when the filters or sorting is applied?

It would help with the reporting a lot.

I believe that’s expected behaviour but I’ll leave Asana people answer. This specific use case is super weird, because depending on where you are and where you look, the time will either contain the subtasks or not
cc @Julien_RENAUD @Arthur_BEGOU

Meanwhile maybe this workaround will be useful: 💡 Trick: Keeping tasks sorted even after sorting is turned off
Using it you can “save” sorting of the tasks and turn off sorting in the project. That way you will have both tasks sorted and actual time displayed correctly.
It won’t solve the problem with filtering though.

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