Activity logs - Hide by defaults



+1 for this

I signed up for the these community forums just to request this feature. In fact, it’s the only time I’ve felt there was something that really needed attention in the Asana interface as they usually do such a great job updating and improving it.


Registered just to be able to request this feature.
If you have a task with a lot of comments (in real life we discuss a lot) having system messages mixed in with user messages makes the conversation hard to read.
At least group the user and system messages so a human can read other comments without scrolling and get distracted by not relevant messages.

System messages are very useful for investigation on who did what but add no value when you have actual comments.
Ability to delete your own system messages is absolutely against all system administrators rules.


It would be a great help to have the Asana generated notes moved to a sub-page of the task instead of cluttering the main task view. For the most part, I’d prefer they were not there at all but I suppose that they might be helpful in some instances.


Thanks for sharing your feedback @Mike28! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with it! Feel free to add your vote to this main thread as votes don’t carry over when merging threads! :slight_smile:


Please add a show/hide history button.
most of the time you don’t need to see this history.


+1 on this. Please hide this. Very annoying for tasks that have a lot of updates.


+1 as well!


nothing yet??? come on guys!


need it as well +1


+1 Just started using Asana and the history is extremely unnecessary in most cases. There should be a feature at the Project level to toggle this on or off.


Yes, I’m hoping on this bandwagon with a vote. I am surprised this hasn’t been addressed yet.


+1 on this! The activity feed is often more distracting than helpful. It gets in the way of viewing conversations and updates happening in the comments. Please add this feature!