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I just wanna suggest or is there any way to hide by default the activity logs (See attached screenshot).
Because it will get more scrolling when comment feature is used, it will expand scrolling on comment section and activity logs which is not good for UX.

See screenshot…

Many thanks,

Asana generated comment notes
Option to hide task history

Hi @Joy_Fementira - Thanks for this feedback. At this time if you’d like to remove the activity logs from view, you can simply hover over each line and click the “x” that appears.


Hi @Alexis
does this delete the audit trail (activity feed) or only hide it?
If we click on the “x”, can we find somewhere else the information that has been removed?


Hi @Sebastien_Levesque - clicking the “x” on the activity log deletes the log from the task history altogether.


Boy, I sure wish I had the ability to hide/show the entire box as @Joy_Fementira suggested. It just takes up realestate on the screen that I do not need to see and gets cluttery. I realize that I can click on the x on individual items to delete them, but I just want a cleaner screen. I never look at that data and if I need it maybe I could show it. But I rarely need it


I often find the task history distracting and very rarely of any use. Would be great if we could hide or collapse this.

Note: I’d originally thought maybe just move to the bottom, rather than at the top where it currently sits, but expect there is a pro/con either way with this.


You can hide your task history, as long as you personally made the changes in the first place!

Just hover over your action (i.e. "Neil Hart changed task description. 9:30 am) and click the “x” next to it. You can’t do it to other team members actions, though!


@Neil_Hart there’s another topic for this: Show/Hide Activity Feed if you want to show your support by voting there too :wink:

@Avery_Bingham, clicking the ‘x’ deletes the history - as far as I know there’s no way to get it back.

In some cases that probably doesn’t matter, but other times that history is important, which is why a ‘hide’ would be great.


Thanks Avery. That’s true, but not the very quick and simple solution I had in mind - a simple show/hide option on the task or even in your personal/team or organisation settings.


Thanks @ceturley, thanks for the link - and yes, it’s exactly what I had in mind! - and agreed, delete is one thing (aside from the need to delete delete delete to clear them all) but show/hide would be much better :wink:


Would be nice just to have a choice. Asana doesn’t like to give customers the flexibility to choose. Like in Trello you can simple click “comment only”. saves a lot of scrolling


It would be so simple, Give us a checkbox on the Project that changes the CSS .FeedMiniStory to Display:None or something of the sort… Please


A quick fix for Chrome Users (Which I don’t like running extensions but in this case I will…)

  1. Get Stylish - Custom themes for any website extension
  2. Create a custom theme for site and add .FeedMiniStory {display:none;}
    This will allow someone to turn the log history on and off


I’ve just registered on this forum specifically to request this feature.
It’s totally distracting to see a bunch of unimportant greyed out text on top of the super important comments.
After all, Asana is all about productivity and focus, isn’t it?
Please consider this request :slight_smile:


Adding my voice to this thread as well. The activity log is a great feature, but it does NOT need to be visible in the task description area. Personally I would recommend moving it under the task’s ellipses menu. Seems like a logical place to put it.



Another vote to hide the activity log by default. It’s really a distraction in the comment thread as @Joy_Fementira mentioned…


Yes, please. The activity log affirmatively hinders our productivity. I actually wouldn’t mind just deleting it entirely, except that you can only delete the ones you created. And it’s also time-consuming to delete every time. Just hide it. Or allow me to hide it.


1000x yes!!! Get rid of it!


Hey Alexis, we’re just starting to use Asana and it’s brilliant - just that best. This is the only fly in the ointment. The granular “activity log” is a really unnecessary feature that would be relevant so so so infrequently that a default hide view makes the best sense. My 2cents. The rest of Asana is amazing!


Hi Alexis, while this does work, I feel like it’s really inefficient. I feel like what other users have said about having a global option in settings to hide the history on all tasks by default would be great. Having to delete individual history elements several times on a single task is really poor UX in my opinion as it’s an unnecessary amount of clicks.